Multi layer paper filter
Columbus paper filter

Columbus multi-layer filters are some of the most effective paper filter mats on the market.

Honeycomb filters available in rolls of 106cm x 10lm and 106cm x 12lm.

An ideal replacement for polyester mats and Paint Stop non-wovens.

The filters are made of several layers of cut non-flammable KRAFT paper.

Available in various configurations of the number of layers of paper and its arrangement.

The absorption capacity of Columbus mats is from 12 to 25 kg per m2 depending on the type.

The most popular are Columbus 6 layers, 7 layers, 8 layers and with additional non-woven fabric.

The mats are selected depending on application, type of spraying, frequency of changes and effectiveness.

Originally used in most Cefla machines.

The functionality of the mats is complemented by their flame retardancy.

Columbus paper filters
High Capacity