UV  Contrast Powder 

Contrast powder and UV lamp Colored UV powders sold to inspect filters and installations with UV lamps

Fluorescent UV contrast powder, lamp

Fluorescent powder FILTERM, commonly known as contrast powder, is used to check the leaks of filter bags and ventilation systems. The detection powder is fed to the filter with untreated air, the condition of the system, cartridges and the entire filter is controlled with a UV lamp. 

Fluorescent powder is sold in several colors so that after sealing the system, further tests can be performed.

When to use contrast powder?

Periodic leak tests of the installation are recommended. This preventive action maintains the filter and helps extend the life of the entire installation without the need to replace all filter bags or expensive repairs. The lack of control is also conducive to reducing the efficiency of the entire filtration system. But not only - UV fluorescent powder can also be successfully used at the stage of designing a filtration system. Critical points that may negatively affect the performance of the entire system and cause unfavorable leaks can be eliminated already at the initial construction stage. It is also important that the color of the fluorescent powder matches the filtered particles. Therefore, if we are dealing with impurities with a large amount of iron oxides, make sure that our powder is of a completely different color (iron oxides glow red in UV light - it is worth using green powder). Next, we proceed in the same way with other impurities.

Filter installation audit results

The results of the filtration system audit should be recorded - together with all leaks and deficiencies found. After service resulting from leaks found, it is worth performing an audit to check the effectiveness implemented works. The results of all inspections should be available for a longer period of time for technicians and people responsible for servicing devices in the company. Leaks in the filtration system lead to further, cumulative failures, as well as unfavorably higher electricity bills - which results directly from the greater effort, e.g. of the elements of the ventilation system. Hence, audits of filtration installations should be carried out regularly.

Additional accessories for UV lamp powders

We also offer the necessary flashlights and UV lamps. The kits include glasses and chargers.

The most popular and universal colors of UV powders:

  • orange,
  • green,
  • pink,
  • red.
The contrast powder is sold in handy 5 kg buckets for easy administration.

Why is it worth using UV powder?

Fluorescent powder is an extremely important part of every company where the system plays an important role filter. With its help, the condition of the installation is controlled, which allows you to eliminate leaks, pressure drops, weak points of the filtration system. Why is it worth using UV powder regularly to check the operation of the system? Energy cost optimization: pressure drop due to air leakage from the system can cause equipment such as fans to work harder, less efficiently. Thus, they will consume more electricity - significantly contributing to higher electricity bills. Protecting the environment and employees: UV powder allows you to prevent air leaks from the installation in time, which may be contaminated. Employees and the natural environment will certainly be grateful to us for a responsible approach to the issue of filtration. Protection of machines and production processes: by protecting machines against damage as a result of contaminants settling on them, we reduce the risk of failure. What's more, also the elements we work on - for example, varnished elements, will be less exposed to undesirable particles.

How much powder should be used?

The recommended amount of powder is 0.5-1.5 kg per 100m2 of the filtering surface that we check. Indicate the use of a different colored powder a second time after sealing, replacing or repairing. The fan/filter should be on for 45-60 seconds after powder application. The powder can be used up to a temperature of max. 350 degrees Celsius.

Flashlight for UV contrast powder - set Long range UV lamp for leak testing with fluorescent powder