Professional nonwovens and filter bags, Columbus paper filters and cardboard filters, pocket filters, Paint Stop

Nonwovens and filter mats - over 10 years of experience in the filtration industry.

As a company focused on the needs of customers, which provides audit and control services for filtration devices, including filter bags, nonwovens and filter mats, we are the market leader in terms of materials used and products offered. We make sure that every filter bag, pocket filter or filter mat are made reliably and thus serve reliably. The products we offer are manufactured with the greatest attention to detail, so you can be sure that they will fulfill the task of improving air quality. All filter materials have the necessary attestations and certificates. The products available in our assortment are highly effective due to the perfectly selected way of execution and design.

Nonwovens filter Filter mats in all filter classes. Progressive construction and high absorbency. See!
Filter bag Filters for bag dust collectors made of the best nonwovens and filter cloth

High quality products - filter bags

Our offer includes the highest quality product that can be tailored to the customer's preferences. Factors to be personalized include, but are not limited to, filter type, bag dimensions, and the type of material used. To meet customer expectations, we offer available products in several variants, e.g. oil and waterproof, antistatic, sparkproof or Teflon. The suggested filter bags and pockets are one of the most popular cartridges used in the filtration process, which, thanks to the right execution, as well as the use of individually selected materials for packaging, are ideal for specific conditions, e.g. at the factory, workplace or paint shop.

Custom-made spray booth filters

Due to the specific conditions of cleanliness and air quality that prevail in the spray booth, it is necessary to maintain appropriate preventive measures that will keep the workplace and sprayed elements clean. To this end, we offer professional filters for the spray booth, ceiling and floor filters to minimize the harmful effects of dust and varnish dust as much as possible. In addition, our offer includes ceiling mats and Paint Stop, which is a popular and effective glass mat called the pre-filter. Appropriate selection of offered filters and filtration nonwovens allows you to maximize the level of absorbency, which translates into high efficiency of installation and no interruptions in work.

Air cleaning Filters Custom-made filters for varnishes and paint