Filter bags FILTERM

FILTERM filter bags, filter sleeves and filter pockets are most commonly used in the filtration process. We offer filter bags for all models of dust collectors from original and specially selected materials.

Non-woven fabrics from which the bags are made can have different treatments, e.g. be oil-coated and waterproof, antistatic, spark-proof or Teflon-coated.

Non-wovens and fabrics are selected depending on the type of dust, filter efficiency, working temperature and dust properties.

We also offer bags for sawdust extraction

In your inquiry, please provide:

-manufacturer and filter type,

- bag dimensions, 

- mounting method,

- working temperature and dust properties,

- the type of material currently used.

Supporting cages FILTERM

Support cages and filter elements

In our offer we also have various types of support cages and distancing mats. All types of accessories for assembly and spare parts of filters are available.